By being a VIP, you’ll help us cover the costs of running and maintaining the server, which is done by volunteers who work hard to build a home for gamers. We’re looking for gamers who share our passion. Click the link below and join our Patreon now!

As a sign of gratitude, you will receive the perks:

  • Skip the queue
  • Priority invite to events
  • Early access to future game servers
  • @[RPP] Chad role
  • More will be added in the future

How can I support the server?

  1.  Choose a tier.
    1.  ₱199
    2.  ₱399 (You + 2 Friends)
    3.  799 (You + 5 Friends)
  2.  Visit the channel #✨┇vip・whitelist for the rest of the instructions.

Do you prefer monthly subscription?

Note: Please open a ticket in Discord for every transaction.